The Babies is an episode to the show The Dino and Astro Show. It aired on NickTV on August 18, 2013. The episode is about Fred and George dressing Astro and Dino up like babies, in order to win a new house on the baby contest.


Part OneEdit

The episode starts with Fred and George watching TV, and a commercial about a baby contest, starting on Saturday. Upon seeing the new house on the show, they decide to dress Astro and Dino up as babies. They call Astro and Dino, and ask if they can get in the diaper and baby bonnet, they refuse and try to run from them. Fred and George catches and tickles them, and putted on the diaper and bonnet, and decide to take them for a walk, on the double stroller.

Astro ask why they want them to be like babies, and George tells them reason is because of the baby contest, on Saturday. Astro tells them that it's Monday, but Fred told him they're doing a warm-up. They go to the baby store to buy some baby items, and keeps Astro and Dino outside.

While inside the store, Astro and Dino escape from the stroller. When Fred and George went from the baby store, they try to find Astro and Dino. They were running from them, and hiding from tree to tree, until George catches them on their tails, and spanks them. After that, they tied them up in the stroller. While they were walking up a hill, Astro and Dino's friends Hoppy, Scooby and Huckleberry (who is playing with his paddleball), comes up the hill. Astro and Dino didn't want them to recognize them, but they didn't and think they were real babies. But Huckleberry's ball on his paddle ball came lose, and hitted the wheel, causing the stroller to fly down the hill. Astro tries to warn Fred and George about, but they didn't hear him. The stroller rides down the hill, with Astro and Dino inside it, and into a construction site, where they almost went down the "bottomless" pit, but a truck was in the way and the stroller went up a ladder on the truck, and sent them flying to the forest.

While Fred and George were talking, Hoppy realizes the stroller is gone, and tells Fred and George about it, and they run for it. The stroller continues to fly down the forest, where Astro and Dino went riding down to the mud, the water and a cliff. Astro and Dino holds on to each other, and screams in horror, upon seeing the cliff.

Part TwoEdit

The episode starts with Astro and Dino screaming in horror, upon seeing the cliff, and fell down the cliff, but fortunately, they didn't fall, but stuck on a cliffhanger, Fred and George, covered in mud and water, runs up to the cliff, and think Astro and Dino were history, and Astro tells them they're not, as Fred and George sees them stuck on a cliffhanger, as the cliffhanger break, as they almost fall down to their death, but George catches them, and think they should go somewhere else, where it's safe, like the park, for instance.

Astro and Dino think it's a good idea to go the park, but find themselves being embarrassed at the "Baby Park", where Astro and Dino are tandem riding on a spring rider. The school bullies come to the "Baby Park" and start to recognize Astro and Dino and they start to tease them. Astro and Dino comes up with an idea, as they both pretend to cry as Fred and George comes up and tell the bullies to leave them alone, or they'll tell their mother what they done, causing them to run off in terror. Astro and Dino tease them, by blowing a raspberry at them. Fred and George decide to take them home, and Dino ask if they can take off the diaper and bonnet, but Fred said no, telling them they're gonna keep the diaper and on until they win at the baby contest. Astro tells them they don't care about the contest, which he think is stupid, but George tells him that they care for the contest and cares for the new home.

At home, Astro and Dino, putted up on the double high chair, refuses to be feddin' baby food by Fred and George. But they shoved the baby food down their throat, when they got down, they threw up inside the barf bag, and George says that they can watch TV, when they were about to their favorite action show, Super Boy, Fred and George insists that they should watch preschool shows, by telling that they're pretending to be babies, and shouldn't watch violent shows. They putted Astro and Dino in the crib, and putted on Bob, the Adventurous Boy, and putted some baby toys in their crib. Dino plays the Jack-in-the-Box, but he and Astro got scared as they holded on to each other and screamed, when the Jack the Clown came out of the Jack-in-the-Box.

When it's 9:00pm, Fred and George gave Astro and Dino a bath, and take the crib in their room as they tell it's time for bedtime. Astro tells them they should read them a bedtime story, after reading the first story, Astro and Dino aren't sleepy. After reading numerous stories to them, they are finally sleepy, at 2:00am, they decide to go to bed themselves.

Part ThreeEdit

The episode starts at the morning time, when it's 8:00am as the clock rings, waking up Astro and Dino. Upon waking up, they got shocked upon seeing their room filled with baby stuffs, as they shout for Fred and George. They tell them they woke up at 6:00am, and decide to replace their stuff with baby stuffs. George tells them they gotta get ready. Dino ask what are they ready for. Fred tells them they gotta get ready for daycare. Astro and Dino gulps upon hearing that. They are quickly fed with baby cereal, and Fred and George give them warm milk in a bottle. Astro and Dino, in their double stroller, tells Fred and George they refuse to go to daycare. Fred and George misunderstood them and think they're nervous.

When they're inside the daycare, Astro and Dino, still sucking on their bottles, sees a lot of little kids playing in the daycare and think it won't be bad. A daycare watcher named Ms. Happy, is so happy to meet Astro and Dino, and shows them all of the stuff they can play with. Astro and Dino (still sucking on their bottles) decide to play. Fred and George tells them to have a good time, and left. Astro plays with the Jack-in-the-Box, but he and Dino got scared again, as they started to cry. Ms. Happy insist that they should be more creative, by building blocks, which cheered Astro and Dino up. They build a big house, and goes inside and relax. But something causes the block house to fall apart. It is actually a daycare bully (worse than the school bullies) who was knocking the house down. The bully then picks on them, as Astro and Dino (who are still sucking on their bottles) didn't care. But the bully took away their bottles, and spilled the milk all over the floor, causing Astro and Dino to start crying. Ms. Happy comes in and sees what the bully done and gave him a time-out. Ms. Happy gives them more milk to cheer them up, and Astro and Dino, sucking their bottles, goes back to playing. It was then TV time, as the kids gather to watch TV, Astro and Dino wanted to watch Super' Boy, but Ms. Happy prefer that they should watch Bob, the Adventurous Boy causing them to cry again. Ms. Happy calms them down by putting pacifiers in their mouth, and their eyes got in a trance.

Ms. Happy then says it's lunchtime, as she gave them a peanut butter sandwich, as Astro and Dino were about to eat the sandwich, the bully took it from them and ate them up, and Astro and Dino start to suck on their bottles, but the bully took away their bottles again, and squirted the milk all over their face, and Astro and Dino start to cry again. Ms. Happy comes and tells the bully that squirting the milk on Astro and Dino's faces isn't nice, and Ms. Happy pours more milk for Astro and Dino to cheer up. Ms. Happy then says it's naptime, as all the kids gather for naptime, even Astro and Dino (who are sucking their bottles), at 3:25pm, Ms. Happy gets the snack ready, and at 3:30pm, she wakes up the kids, and tries waking up Astro and Dino (who are still sucking their bottles), and wakes them up by picking, as they were about to cry, but Ms. Happy putted the bottles in their mouths, as she puts them on their chairs, and gave them ice cream sandwiches for snack.

Meanwhile, at the baby store again, Fred and George find some rattles, pacifiers and more toys for Astro and Dino, as Fred tells George that he can't wait to win the house on the contest, and George says he can't wait, too. He tells Fred that the dogs are gonna be surprised upon seeing all this baby stuffs. Meanwhile, at the daycare, Astro and Dino are crying again, because the bully took away their ice cream sandwiches and splatted it on their faces, and Ms. Happy wipes their ice cream off their faces, and tries to cheer them up, by using the Jack-in-the-Box but the toy scares them, causing them to cry at the top of their lungs, and she tries to find another toy to cheer them up, like a teddy bear and a ball, but nothing work. Astro and Dino were crying because they want another ice cream sandwich, but she said they're no more for them, and she tries to cheer them by giving them their bottles. Even the bottles didn't work, as they cry even harder, and she ask if they wanna go outside for a wagon ride, that cheered them up, as they go outside.

Part FourEdit

The episode starts with Ms. Happy pushing Astro and Dino on the wagon, she was having a hard time pushing them, saying they are heavy. Then she gets tired and when she was about to go inside and mop the mess the kids at snacktime, Astro and Dino start to sniffling and whimpering, when they were about to cry, she gave them some bottles to calm them down. The bully once again picks on Astro and Dino, and sends them for a "little ride", as Astro and Dino, on the wagon, flies down to the prickly bushes. The bully then putted ants in their diapers, as the ants bit them, causing Astro and Dino to scream and cry. When Ms. Happy saw them shaking the ants off their diapers, she stares at the bully, who is playing innocent. She angrilly tells the bully that he wasn't being nice to the kids, and gonna send him to time-out again and also, she's gonna tell his mom what he done to Astro and Dino, much to his horror.

Once Ms. Happy brought the kids back in the house, the kids ran in avoiding the floor where Ms. Happy mopped on, but Astro and Dino slipped on the floor and fell, as they once again cry. Ms. Happy decide that Astro and Dino should not get in to more trouble, knowing that they had a bad day, she picks them up and puts them on a rocking chair, putted pacifiers on them to calm them down and sang them a lullabye to sleep. Once she got done singing, Fred and George came in time to pick up the dogs. Astro and Dino tells Fred and George, on their way home, that they've been bullied at daycare, and Fred told them that they should've standed up to him, Astro told them the only thing they did was crying. When Astro and Dino got up to their room, they got shocked upon seeing rattles, pacifiers, more baby toys and DVDs and VHS tapes of Bob, the Adventurous Boy and think Fred and George gone too far. Astro decide it's time to stand up to Fred and George, and tell them they are tired of being treated like babies, and wanna be treated like big kids.

Astro and Dino calls for Fred and George, and tells them that they are fed up with all the baby stuffs, and wanna be like big kids, like their friends again. George agreed, but told them they're gonna keep the baby outfit on, and Asto and Dino imagine themselves being laughed at by the kids at school, causing them to scream and reluctantly agreed. A montage plays showing from Wednesday-Friday with Astro and Dino being bullied at daycare, getting shocked by more baby stuffs, refusing to be fed baby food, being forced to watch Bob, the Adventurous Boy, being tooken a bath, and were read a story by Fred and George.

When Saturday came, Fred and George gets excited that the big moment has come, and takes Astro and Dino to the baby contest, and they competed by feeding the baby, but Astro and Dino once again refuses as they knock the spoon down to the floor, and reading them a bedtime story, but refuses again as they knock the book on ther floor and finally, singing them a lullabye, but they refuse and they hit Fred and George on the head, with the guitar. Since they were doing bad, the winner was Ned McHam, and won the new house. At home, Fred and George got rid of the baby stuff, and Astro and Dino took off their outfit, and are glad that things are back to normal. Fred and George angrilly ground Astro and Dino, for costing them their victory to win the house, but upon seeing a millionaire's house on a commercial about a dog show, they get the idea of entering Astro and Dino, much to their horror, and iris out.



See: The Babies (transcript)


Part OneEdit


Part TwoEdit


Part ThreeEdit

(At the baby store, Fred and George are picking up baby stuffs for Astro and Dino)

Fred: Wow! Look at those rattles!

George: And look at those binkies!

Fred and George: And toys!

Fred: Those dogs are gonna be so surprised at this!

George: Yeah, really surprised! I wonder how they're getting along at daycare.

(Meanwhile, at the daycare, the sound of Astro and Dino crying are heard)

(Astro and Dino, sitting on the floor, with ice cream all over their faces are crying)

Ms. Happy: Okay, okay! Calm down you two, I put that mean old bully in time-out.

(Baby Bully is shown in time-out)

Ms. Happy: Don't worry! I'm gonna clean you right up, just stay there!

(Ms. Happy gets some wipes and wipes up Astro and Dino's faces)

Ms. Happy: There! Good as new!

(Astro and Dino sits there and continues crying)

Ms. Happy: Oh! Well, maybe some toys will cheer you up, just don't move!

(Astro and Dino continues crying and you can hear Dino's quivering whimper, while Ms. Happy looks for some toys, and finds a Jack-in-the-Box)

Ms. Happy: Here's one!

(Ms. Happy pulls the crank, and the music for the toy plays, and Jack pops out the box, this causes Astro and Dino to cry even louder)


Ms. Happy: Oh! Sorry, forgot you're afraid of clowns, but don't worry!

(Ms. Happy finds a toy bear and picks it up)

(Astro and Dino are still crying, as Ms. Happy shows them a toy bear)

Ms. Happy: (deep voice) Hello! I'm Mr. Bear, and I would like to cheer you up, with the "Cheer Up!" song!

(Astro and Dino continues crying)

Ms. Happy: (singing) Cheer up! Cheer up! Wipe those tears and have a big, wide, smile and---

(It doesn't work as Astro kicks the bear from her hand and to the floor)

Ms. Happy: Whoa! Okay, ooooooooooo! A ball, that'll cheer you up!

(Astro and Dino stops crying)

Ms. Happy: How's about a big happy ol' ball to cheer you up?

(Astro and Dino starts giggling and grabs the ball, but they fight over it and the ball pops)

Ms. Happy: Oh!

(Astro and Dino goes back to crying)

Astro and Dino: Ball go bye-bye! Please don't go bye-bye!

Ms. Happy: Okay! What you really want?

Astro and Dino: I want ice cream!

Ms. Happy: I'm sorry, but, there's no more ice cream sandwiches!

(Astro and Dino continues crying)

Ms. Happy: How about your bottles?

(Ms. Happy puts the bottle in Astro and Dino's mouths)

Ms. Happy: That ought to do---

(Even the bottles didn't work, as Astro and Dino spits the bottles out)

Ms. Happy: It?

(Astro and Dino continues crying, and starts kicking their feets on the floor)

Astro and Dino: I don't want ba-ba! I don't want ba-ba!

Ms. Happy: Okay, since the Jack-in-the-Box, bear, ball and bottles didn't work, how about I take you outside for a wagon ride? Kids love wagon rides, don't you?

(Astro and Dino stops crying, and smiles, then nods which means a yes)

(Astro and Dino walks up to a wagon)

Astro and Dino: Waggy! Waggy! Waggy!

Ms. Happy: That's right!

(Ms. Happy picks up Astro and Dino and puts them on the wagon)

Ms. Happy: "Waggy!" We're going on a wagon ride!

(Ms. Happy pulls the wagon, as Astro and Dino giggles)

("To be continued" appears at the bottom)

Part FourEdit


  • This is the first TV special.
  • Before this episode aired, there were shorts about this episode as promotions, that are "A Trip to the Museum", "The Baby Factory", "Bottle Time!", "Ball's Up!", "Carnival", "Pee-Pee Problems", "Crybaby Dolls", "Stuffed Body", "Bully Troubles" and "The Nap". The shorts will appear as bonus feature on a DVD with the same name of it.
  • Astro and Dino appeared to be super misfortunate in this episode. (Almost going down a cliff, being bullied at daycare and slipping on the water that Ms. Happy mopped, for example).
  • Astro and Dino appeared to be prone at cry alot at the daycare.
  • This is the first appearance of Dino's quivering whimper, you can hear it on Part 3, while Astro and Dino are crying, while Ms. Happy find some toys to cheer them up.


  • Scooby-Doo: The part where Astro and Dino were being chased by Fred and George, they went from door to door, a parody of the Scooby-Doo "door-to-door" routine.
  • Rugrats Go Wild: When Astro and Dino were flying on the stroller, it's similar to the part where the kids and Nigel were flying on the stroller, while being chased by Siri, the Clouded Leapord.
  • Dora the Explorer: The show Bob, the Adventurous Boy is a parody of the Nick Jr. show Dora the Explorer.
  • The Simpsons: The sound of Astro and Dino sucking on their bottle and/or pacifier is the same sound of The Simpsons character, Maggie sucking on her pacifier.
  • Quick Draw McGraw: At the baby contest, when being sing a lullabye by Fred and George, Astro and Dino hitted them on the head with a guitar, it's similar to Quick Draw (as El Kabong) using his guitar to knock out the villains. Also, the "Ka-bong!" sound effect plays.