Dino Weighs In is an upcoming episode to the NickTV show The Dino and Astro Show. It will air on January 5, 2014. This episode is about Astro getting worried about Dino gaining weight, and think it's time for him to lose weight.


This episode starts with Astro walking on his treadmill (which he calls the "dog-walk") and asks if Dino wants to join him, but Dino denies as he eats a donut. After walking on the treadmill, Astro gets hungry and eats an apple, and asks if Dino wants an apple, but Dino said no as he went to the refridgerator and eats half of Fred's hamburger. Later, Astro and Dino sits on the couch eating, Astro eats an orange, and Dino eats potato chips, Astro starts to get worried over Dino eating junk food. He tells Fred and George about how Dino refuse to lose weight, they tell him that he has to get him into losing weight, instead of gaining weight, as Fred goes inside the refridgerator and notices his half of hamburger is gone.

The next day, Dino eats pizza while Astro eats apple. Astro then talks about how Dino is gaining weight, and think it's time for him to lose weight. Astro then takes Dino outside, and then Astro hops on the treadmill, and asks Dino if he wants to join him, as he shrugs and hops in. Dino then asks how does it work. Astro shows by pressing the "on" switch, and tells him to be careful not to pull the switch. Astro then turns on the treadmill, as they both walk on fours, but then Dino's tail accidentally pull the switch, as the treadmill starts to go uncontrollably fast, and then malfunctions, as Astro and Dino run for their life, as the treadmill shoves them to the fence